One Equipment 

Many Functions

​​High quality phytosanitary dehydration solution  using environmentally cost-saving sustainable solar dehydrators 

Our Mission

Our Values

To empower small and medium farmholders and processors with  innovative efficient dehydration technologies powered by clean renewable energy. Our technologies are multifunctional devices - one equipment with many functions, thereby maximazing the value of your investment
We are driven by innovation
We are commited to reducing global hunger and food wastage
We are committed to alleviating poverty by empowering and growing SMEs
We are committed to shared prosperity
We value the environment and so we'll work to develop technologies with low or zero environmental impact

Our Business Strategy

Our customers

Our technology must not only work efficiently, but also create value to farmers and processors. That is why our business strategy is to partner with others in value-chains to provide farmers/processors the full package for success: our great technology,  reasonable capital, training/service and market for the end dried product.
We are developing product lines to serve:
small and medium scale farmers in developing countries
Small and medium farmers in developed countries
Processors in both developing and developed countries

Our Stewardship

Our Sustainability Goals

To reduce carbon emissions from fossil fuels used in crop and food dehydration, and develop low-cost innovative and energy efficient technologies that harness free solar energy
Food is a basic necessity of life and those who toil hard to produce it must also be able to do so with dignity and ability to earn a decent income. Therefore,  our dehydration technologies are income earning assets enabling farmers to product high quality dehydrated crops and products for a growing population.

Solar dehydration of fruits and vegetables not only preserve shelf-life, it also maximizes nutrients delivered in these crops

Technology Launch


We are looking to partner with projects working to improve dry crop value chains . This will enable us to beta test large volumes of our product. Please contact us if you are interested.
Seeking partnerships to deliver products to customers for beta testing.

We don't just reduce post-harvest losses, we create value to growers at the farm-gate

​​Our dehydration technologies link farmers directly to the market

​Green Technology

Our solar dehydrator utilizes solar energy captured in both thermal and electric forms. Solar energy is clean and carbon neutral, and brings cash savings to end-users 


Herbs and Spices
Beverages: Coffee and Cocoa