Innovative technologies in solar dehydration


We currently only have two products (drying baskets and small solar dehydrators) which are being tested for commercialization, while the third product is being developed, a scale-up of the small unit for small specialty crop growers and processors for the North American market and global customers.

Our technologies are not just dehydrators, but power platforms that can be used to power small electronic and electrical devices and home appliances.


Service include supporting our products used by our customers by providing spare parts through our sales agents, training on repairs to or sales agents, help with warranty claims from OEMS on parts in our solar dehydrators. It will also include the monitoring/traceability service for solar dehydrators used by outgrowers for large scale integrated crop value-chains..
  1. Drying Baskets & Trays
    Our UV protected drying baskets and trays can be used independently of the solar dehydrator for open-air sun drying. Each basket can hold 3 tray for drying sliced products. It provides an improved drying option than the traditional drying of crops on the bare ground. Its bottom profile and meshed surfaces provides optimum airflow for moisture removal
  2. Small Solar dehydrators
    This solar dehydrator has a 1.8 cubic meter drying chamber that can hold a maximum of 9 drying baskets. Heat is collected by 3 thermal collectors and airflow through the chamber facilitated by 10 - 3W 74 CFM fans. The fans are powered by a 12 VDC battery charged by a 100 W photovoltaic panel. The units is such that parts can easily be replaced by the user with limited technical skill.
  3. Large solar dehydrators
    This unit is currently being developed for the US market and for large scale growers and processors. It is similar in design as the small unit, but has some advanced heat reclaim and control features. It also has an auxiliary heater for supplemental heat during cloudy weather or night-time. Its drying chamber has the capacity of holding up to 180 drying baskets and 540 trays.
  4. Service Plan
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  5. Small dehydrator parts
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  6. Large dehydrator parts
    Under development